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* The design can be changed at will.
* The product is created using a unique method that is the only one in the world and distinguishes it from similar products.
* The wood is treated with water-based paint and varnish, which protects against color change and damage. It has a semi-glossy effect.
* Engraving has a vintage (aging) effect, on which colors can be drawn (red, black, blue, blue, yellow, green...).

* When confirming the purchase, leave us an additional comment if you want to make any changes in the design <3
* It has a Quartz silent mechanism.

Material: wood (6 mm) (9 mm)

* Hama branded box as a gift <3
* If you want to change the lid of the box, add a box for watches to the basket, which you will find in the gift boxes section.
* It is possible to make products up to 100 cm in size, agree on prices and details on our Facebook or Instagram page <3

Prices for different sizes with any desired design and decoration:
Dark wood: 50 cm - 130 l; 60 cm - 180 l; 75 cm - 300 l; 100 cm - 500 l
Light-colored wood: 50 cm - 150 l; 60 cm - 200 l; 75 cm - 350 l; 100 cm - 550 l