A girl on the swing
A girl on the swing
A girl on the swing

A girl on the swing


Choose size:


20x14 - for 30 photos, with 2 rings

28x20 - for 90 photos, with 3 rings

Photo size 10x15 (A6)


Cover material: wood (4mm)

* The wood is treated with water-based paint and varnish, which protects

against color change and damage.

* Engraving has a vintage (aging) effect.

* The design can be changed at will.


* When confirming the purchase, in the last field (additional comment),

write us a detailed design as you want the album to appear.

For example: write on the front side as a memory from Giorgi...


* Hama branded box as a gift <3 * If you want to change the cover of the box, add to the cart a box for albums that you will find in "Similar products", below the order


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